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Mining Topography Survey

More precise, safer & efficient

Minery & Quarry

Mining is the most important and big industry in Peru. It has different kinds and size projects where information need to be precise and strategic as well. The importance of measurement of areas and stockpile volume calculations is vital for operation a future decisions.

The development of precise position and image quality in new drone technology allow us to produce precise mapping in different environments situation. 

Topography Survey

For new and already in the process mining projects.

Site Audition

Faster, safer & economical way to check different areas in big terrains.

Terrain Mesurent and 3D Modeling

3D modeling maps or representation helps to take better decision when going to the field is not possible.

Periodically Services

Strategic decisions is not only base in one picture but a comparative sequence. We provide periodically services on the same terrains to allowed better management results.

Depending of the requirements of our clients, we can provide not only useful images and mapping but also precise geolocated data; as well, we count with a strict operation plan that not only meet the Peruvian legislation of the MTC but the Swiss.