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2D & 3D Mapping

Uddate maps, area & volume measurements

Orthomosaic & 3D Maps

Knowing the exact size or been able to measure a territory is important for many industries like real states, construction,  as well for local governments, environmental NGO’s, and many other institutions.

The diversity of proposes includes natural disasters prevention, forest territory measurement, land delimitation and many other.


Geolocated Orthomosaic

Orthomosaic maps give us the possibility to work with land in different ways. Not only we are able to have a entire idea of a land, to make measurements and to project divisions; but also to have the right coordinates with a geolocation system.

3D mapping

Give us a visual idea of the terrain modeling in our screens. Allowing us to have a better known about a land even if we haven’t visit it yet.

Easy to use and export

You don’t need to buy any expensive software to use the information, there are plenty useful and free of charge in the internet. As well, you can export the map to Google Earth, where you can update the map to have a better view about it.

We are able to provide strategic information in a quick, safe and economical way. Lets us know your need and your projects, we would be glad to be part of them.