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Industrial Inspections

Faster & aerial survey

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Aerial survey allowed us to reach and have a point a view that usually is too risky, costly or human impossible. Faster, affordable and secure; our services in inspection can provide information from the field to the desk for better decisions process.

Aerial visual inspections are useful in many industries as communication, electricity, construction, finance and many others.


Reach difficult points

We count with different equipment for indoor and outdoor inspection that can perform in a safe and quick way.

Photography & Video

We can provide information in a general view & close ups for better control.

Land & agriculture inspection

Have a doubt of the elements of a terrain, the characteristics of the geography? We can do it for you. As well, we can provide useful information about fields & crops quality.

Prevention is one of the better ways to minimize costs, what better than do it in a fast & safe way? We count with all the regulation that the Communication and Transportation Ministry demands. Our training not only includes our flight capacities but importance of precision & security.